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(Published: 2009-03-23)

The month of March is known for two green holidays, St. Patrick’s Day and the first day of Spring. On St. Paddy’s day we WEAR green, and on the first day of spring we THINK green…as in growth, renewal, and rebirth. The green trend continues into April when we celebrate Earth Day, a national day of observance of environmental issues, dedicated to promoting a greener lifestyle.

In Minnesota, where I live, March can be downright cruel. We hold our breath to see if we’re going to get more snow (we always do), while we optimistically await the first green blades of grass. As Clyde Moore said, “the one good thing about snow is that it makes your lawn look as nice as your neighbor’s.” Thanks, Clyde, but I’ll take a nice green lawn any day.

Speaking of green, my trend antennae recently picked up on a unique green product hitting select Home Depot stores this month--Yankees Sod. Yep. For a few extra bucks you can now have the very same grass in your own backyard that carpets the new Yankees stadium. It’s the latest version of a commodity (grass) reframed into a prestige product, available to the masses (in this case, Yankees fans.)

The Yankees head groundskeeper selected DeLea Sod Farm in South Jersey to provide the grass for the new stadium. With acres of sod left over after the field was completed, the company thought “outside the stadium” and found a way to make a little extra green. They asked for and were granted a license by Major League Baseball to market Yankees Sod and Yankees Grass Seed.

DeLea’s website ( describes the painstaking process used to produce the premium sod. First, a secret blend of Kentucky bluegrass seed is sown on sandy soil that’s been fumigated prior to planting in order to ensure purity. Planting is followed with a steady diet of water and nutrients, and the green fields are mowed frequently. The result is top quality sod, free of unwanted weeds and crabgrass. The product comes with a certificate of authenticity, complete with a counterfeit-proof hologram, declaring it to be the official grass of the NY Yankees.

The NY Times reports that Yankees Sod and Yankees Grass Seed in large bags will be available this spring at Home Depot stores in the New York-area. $7.50 will buy you a patch a little bigger than 5 square feet. Baseball fans will also be able to purchase small novelty packets of the seed at Yankee stadium. Window boxes, anyone?

Is the premium sod worth the extra greenbacks? I guess it depends on how big a Yankees fan you are. I doubt that your grass will be any greener than your neighbor’s, and you’ll still have to mow it.

Yankees stadium

DeLea Sod Farm

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